San Diego 48 Hour Film Project

The San Diego 48HFP is unique among all the 48HFP cities world wide for many reasons. As a participant you will enjoy an experience that, until now, was reserved for Hollywood's elite filmmakers. Imagine walking the red carpet with your family, friends and fellow filmmakers to see your film on the silver screen in true High Definition! Premiere screenings feature live music, paparazzi, red carpet interviews, and much more. The San Diego 48HFP is an experience not to be missed.

How it Works

There are two parts to the 48HFP experience. The first is the competition itself and the second is the screening and judging of the completed films.

The competition begins on Friday afternoon. All teams must have a representative at the Kick-off Event. There each representative draws two random film genres. Once all the teams have drawn their genres, three envelopes are opened. One contains a line of dialogue, one contains a prop, and one contains a character name and occupation. All teams must use all three elements and their films must be shot in the genre that they drew. Teams are released at 7:00PM and have until 7:30PM on Sunday - 48 hours, plus 30 minutes of travel time - to complete their film.

All screenable films that are turned in will be shown in the theater on the big screen. Films that are turned in before the deadline and adhere to all the filmmaking rules are eligible for the Jury Awards. Both on-time films and late films are eligible for Audience Choice Awards.

Getting Involved

The competition is open to all participants regardless of their skill level. There are two ways to get involved: Start a team of your own, or join an existing team.

Starting a Team

There are several resources available to you if you want to register a team of your own. Regular meet and greet events are held each season where team leaders and prospective team members meet up and form teams. Many of the people go on to create other film projects outside of the 48HFP. There is also a database of people looking to join teams that is available to you as a team leader. Register a team today!

Join a Team